Branched Oak Farm

17015 NW 70th Street Raymond, NE 68428

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Farm Products

In addition to a variety of cheeses in our “inconvenience store” we feature our ground beef, eggs and a small variety of other products.


The beef in our store comes from our animals.  They are free from anything synthetic – no hormones, antibiotics, herbicides or pesticides and always completely grass-fed.  In our on-farm store we have hamburger for sale for $4.50 / lb and will occasionally have whole or sides of beef available.


In order to focus on producing high-quality cheese, we have segued out of egg production. However, we are fortunate to have neighbors at Common Good Farm who raise laying hens and provide our customers with certified organic and biodynamic eggs

Other Products

We also stock products from Green Pastures like cod liver oil, coconut oil, and X-factor oil. There are also whole grain, organic cereals from The Grain Place and we stock the Nourishing Traditions cookbook by Sally Fallon. In 2009 we will be expanding our on-farm store and hope to include other products.