Milk & Cows

Our certified organic Jersey herd descends from the New Zealand sire Beledene Dukes Landy. Landy was a compact, deep-bodied bull that sired the kind of thrifty cows we want. These cows thrive on a ration of good grass, clean water and balanced mineral and produce a steady supply of delicious, high-component milk.

We select bulls from within our own herd with the occasional outcross to maintain and concentrate this line. We select for smaller, compact, profitable cattle, that are also intelligent, inquisitive, have a good barn-temperament and are a pleasure to be around.  We now use only polled bulls exclusively with the A2 casein trait.


We milk twice a day, year-round to supply our customers with our exceptional dairy products. Cows love to graze and we move the cows onto a fresh paddock daily. First, the lactating cows are turned into the paddock followed by the nursecows and young stock. The cattle first graze off the clovers and succulent grass before consuming and trampling down the stemmier forage. This ‘pulsing’ of the sward insures that organic matter is being built and that soil and forage health is maintained and improved. When the farm ecosystem is in balance, all participants thrive, which is our over-arching goal.

We always have high quality breeding stock for sale. Please contact Dairy Manager Ben Gotschall for cattle availability: 402.705.8679