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Sweet Cheese Lover Basket

The $50 basket includes the cutting board and knives, $35 selection of cheese and Pan Forte, a deliciously dense, sweet & savory Italian fruit and nut cake. These will be packaged in a basket and the cheese will need to be refrigerated upon arrival. Hand-written gift card available, please email your text (or enter it at Paypal […]

Cheese Taster Basket

The $25 basket includes 8 oz of Quark, 1/2 lb (8oz.) each of Black Jack, Garland and Gouda.  These will be packaged in a basket and the cheese will need to be refrigerated upon arrival.  Hand-written gift card available, please email your text (or enter it at Paypal upon final checkout). We offer on-farm pick […]

Picnic Cheese Board & Specialty Knives

The cutting board and knives includes a 4″x10″ cutting board with the Branched Oak Farm logo and two cheese knives – one for cutting and one for planing. It’s the perfect addition to your own gift basket or for the cheese enthusiast in your life! Hand-written gift card available, please email your text (or enter […]


In order to focus on producing high-quality cheese, we have segued out of egg production. However, we are fortunate to have neighbors at Common Good Farm who raise laying hens and provide our customers with certified organic and biodynamic eggs. The Darlin’ Reds also manage a flock of resident hens for their CSA members which […]


The beef in our store comes from our animals. They are free from anything synthetic – no hormones, antibiotics, herbicides or pesticides – and they are always completely grass-fed. Availability varies, email for current prices and product availability.

Nettle Gouda & Cumin Gouda

If you like cumin, this is the cheese for you. Cumin is a favorite fall / winter spice. This cheese is modeled after the Dutch cheese Leyden and is one we make only in the fall and winter. The nettle gouda, alternatively,  is made only in the spring when the cows first return to pasture.  […]

Farmer’s Tan

The mildest of all the cheeses – watch for some different versions this fall / winter which may included “Sunburn” and “Deep Tan”.

Black Jack

This is a young jack rubbed with fresh ground black pepper. It’s very easy to eat for the mild cheese lovers in your house. It’s been a huge hit at farmers markets. Look for our awesome new label.

Cheese Curd

This is fun to make and we’re excited to be using a variety of creative herb blends to bring an easy snack cheese to market. Some of these herbs are sourced in Nebraska! Check out www.rickyandlucysgreenhouse.com


These hand-stretched and formed balls are handles with love and packed in water. Mozzarella is available during tomato season from mid-June through late September and maintains a yellower hue due to the grass-fed Jersey cows that make the milk for our cheeses. Mozzarella is not aged like most cheeses but is eaten fresh and always […]


Branched Oak Farm Gouda is a raw-milk, natural rind cheese aged in our cave for a minimum of 60 days. It’s a firm cheese with a nutty taste.   Raw milk really allows the great flavor of the milk to come through.  Nutty, with medium flavor, it leaves a long enjoyable“finish” in the mouth, as the […]


We use the best of our farm-fresh, pasteurized milk to produce Camembert. We age this fragrant cheese in our cheese cave for 3-4 weeks before it’s ready. Once you break through the soft rind, you’ll discover a cheese that is flavorful and creamy. Grab a baguette, an apple, some nuts and a bottle of your […]


Quark is a European cooking essential, similar to yogurt cheese, but not so sour. It is one of our bestsellers and will add a pleasant tang to any recipe. Quark is creamy and spreadable and has a slight yogurt flavor.  Great in cooking and baking or just on crackers. Mix in your favorite herbs for a […]


Sonnenburg’s tag line is “A little piece of sunshine from the Bohemian Alps.” This is a cheese only made during the summer months when the cool season pastures have slowed down and the native grasses in the warm season pastures have become the primary grazing source.  Inspired by alpine cheeses that was then produced in […]


This salty Greek cheese has found it’s way to Nebraska!  Try it on your winter squash or fall greens. On the whole, Feta is a pickled curd cheese that has a salty and tangy taste enhanced by the brine solution. The texture depends on the age which can be extremely creamy, or crumbly dry. Feta […]