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Cheese description list:

Pasteurized cheeses:

Quark:  Creamy and spreadable, slight yogurt flavor.  Great in cooking and baking or just on crackers. Mix in your favorite herbs for a savory treat, or with honey, chopped apple and nuts for a yummy pancake topping.

Camembert:  This French-style, bloomy-rind cheese is similar to a brie.  Cut into pie shaped wedges for the appropriate rind to cheese ratio, it’s a great addition to any cheese plate.  Nuts, a slice of sweet pear, or baguette.

Black Jack:  This is a young jack rubbed with fresh ground black pepper.  It’s very easy to eat for the mild cheese lovers in your house.  It’s been a huge hit at farmers markets.  We have an awesome new label that should be ready by July.

Farmers Tan:  The mildest of all the cheeses - watch for some different versions this fall / winter which may included “Sunburn” and “Deep Tan”.  

Nettle or Cumin Goudas:  If you like cumin, this is the cheese for you.  Cumin is one of my favorite fall / winter spices.  This cheese is modeled after the Dutch cheeses Leyden.  The nettle gouda is made only in the spring and the cumin variety during the fall.  

Mollie’s Muse:  This is a young cheddar rubbed on the outside with cocoa, cinnamon and cayenne.  It adds nice visual interest to the cheese plate, gives you an olfactory experience before tasting the cheese and the slight cayenne finish makes you definitely want another bite.  

Mozzarella:  Hand-stretched mozz balls packed in brine.  Bring on the basil and garlic!!!  It's also great for pizzas!

Raw milk cheese:

Feta:  This salty Greek cheese has found it’s way to Nebraska!  Try it on your winter squash or fall greens.  

Gouda: Raw milk really allows the great flavor of the milk to come through.  Nutty, with medium flavor, it leaves a long “finish” in the mouth that I enjoy, as the flavors continue to develop during the eating process.  A glass of wine wouldn’t hurt, either!  There is also a version with nettles.  The nettle gouda is made only during the spring when the cows first go back out on the pasture. Inspired by “Graaskaas” a Dutch “grass cheese”  it is beautifully golden and the green nettles make it remarkable.

Sonnenburg:  This was inspired by Jarlsburger, a mild swiss flavored cheese.  Our version has more flavor and reminds me just a bit of comte.  Some available this fall, and then again closer in spring.


Seasonal varieties:

We just made the first batches of gruyere this fall and winter. Think: cheddar meets gruyere.  The first wheels are being sold now.  We named it "Garland" after the hometown of Nebraska's poet laureate, which is about 10 miles away on the other side of Branched Oak Lake.    There also is some blue cheese in the works,  ask for availability.  It’s name says it all: Attempt d’Bleu - A delicious tongue in cheek.  The Laughing Priest will be back in time for the holidays! Earthy, with hints of mushroom, I can barely eat enough of it!   Keep checking in for other seasonal selections and experiments.