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Branched Oak Farm Holiday Cheese Sale!

For all of you looking for a unique local holiday gift, we are offering two different packages that are available for shipment on Monday, December 17th or local pick up on Wednesday, December 18th in Omaha or Thursday, December 19th in Lincoln.  Please place all orders that need shipping by Saturday evening, December 15th.  Quantities are limited so order early!  Orders will be shipped via FedEx ground or USPS priority.   You will be invoiced only for the exact amount of your order, checks, cash or credit.  

Copy this form into your email, fill out the necessary information and email us with the subject Holiday Gift YOUR NAME.  Or you may fax us or call with your order: (402) 783-2124.


$15 gift pack.  This package will include two larger pieces of cheese, approximately 1/2 lb each or three medium size pieces, aprroximately 1/3 lb each.  Add a wheel of camembert for $6!  Choose your preferences from the list below.  Shipping and handling are not included, additional $12-18.

$25 gift pack.  This package will include three larger pieces of cheese, approximately 1/2 lb each or four 1/3 lb pieces of cheese.  Add a wheel of camembert for $6!   Choose your preferences from the following list.  Shipping and handling are not included, additional $15-22.

Double up!  If that's not enough, $30 or $50 baskets are also available. 

Lincoln pick up option:  On Thursday, December 19th you may pick up your cheese in Piedmont, near 48th and Randolf between 4-6pm.  If you choose this option you will receive the exact address and directions with your order confirmation.   Omaha pick up option:  Orders will be available for pick up in Omaha on Wednesday, December 18th during regular business hours at Tomato Tomato, 156th St. Place just off of Center St.


Cumin gouda:  My personal favorite, its earthy aroma and creamy texture make a beautiful addition to any cheese plate.

Nettle gouda:  Made only in late spring and early summer, this cheese is packed with beautiful nettles and its extremely yellow body makes a nice holiday contrast on the cheese plate.  The nettles give this cheese a stronger flavor at the finish.

Garland:  This is my new favorite raw milk cheese from the farm.  It's like a cheddar that has been classed up with some Gruyere flavors.  It's a cheese I could eat every day.  Interesting enough to keep your attention, but not overpowering, not dry, but still grates well.  Made only during the winter months, this one has been aged 10-12 months.

Camembert: "Prairie Bloom", this four inch wheel is a treat when cut into pie-shaped wedges.  My mom loves to add a spicy chutney to the top, but I prefer mine on hearty bread with either a glass of sweet white wine or full-bodied red.

Mollie's Muse:  This is a young cheddar rubbed on the outside with cocoa, cinnamon and cayenne.  It adds nice visual interest to the cheese plate, gives you and olfactory experience before the slight cayenne finishes makes you want another bite.

Bohemian Strong:  Cheese is a jar?  Outrageously delicious!  This is a creamy, blended cheese with earthy mushroom notes.  This cheese is a full sensory experience and would be great with crisp French bread and a heavy red wine.

Quark:  This creamy, award-winning cheese is the whole-milk version of cream cheese with a yougurt-y twist.  Spread it on anything from pancakes to crackers, veggies or fruit.  This continues to be the workhorse cheese in my kitchen. Plain or with rosemary and garlic..

Black Jack:  THE BIGGEST HIT of our 2012 farmers market season.  A young jack cheese rubbed with ground black pepper, aged 21 days. Very approachable and easy to eat. 

Farmers Tan:  This is the mildest cheese we make - perfect for kids' snacks or to provide a balance on your cheese board.  

Sunburn:  If Farmers Tan seems boring, this kicks it up a notch!  Rubbed with cayenne pepper on the outside, it's beautiful, but you may need to call in the fire department!!

Valparaiso:  If you like black walnuts, this cheese won't stand in your way of enjoying the nuts tucked in this havarti.   Named after the town where the Heartland Nuts and More coop is housed, this is truly a little piece of terroir.

 NEW THIS YEAR!!!! Cheese basket add ons:  Hand-made walnut cutting boards, approximately 8" diameter ($18;) Cheesey planer and knife ($10 for the pair); Panforte ($7) or Black Walnuts ($4).

Order Form:




City, State and Zip:

Phone # and email address:

SHIPPING NAME AND ADDRESS if different than above:



City, State and Zip:

***If you choose to pay by credit card, we will take your payment over the phone.***

Cheese package choice: $15 or $25?   Double up for $30 or $50?  Larger or smaller pieces?  

Basket add ons:  Hand-made walnut cutting board $18, pair of cheese knives $10, (board and knives together $26.50!) 4 oz bag of locally grown and processed Black Walnuts $4, delicious Panforte from a friend in Wisconsin $7 (nuts and Panforte together $10!)

Cheese choices (please include an additional choice, just in case!):



EMAIL FORM TO:  Subject:  cheese basket YOUR NAME

or FAX FORM TO: (402) 783-2124

We will email you with a confirmation and an invoice total.  Please send checks to:  Doug & Krista Dittman, Branched Oak Farm, 17015 NW 70th St., Raymond, NE 68428

Credit card payment also accepted.  Details handled via email or phone.